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RELX 5th Gen Vape Phantom Device

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The new RELX 5th Gen Vape Phantom is very similar to the RELX Infinity in general, with a smooth metallic surface that is very comfortable to touch.

The Phantom is almost the same size as the RELX Infinity. After all, they’re both compatible with RELX Pods Pro, so the pen-shaped vape appearance will not change much.

The biggest difference in appearance between the RELX Phantom and the Infinity is the LED light. The Phantom’s LEDs are four little parallel horizontal bars, while the Infinity is a circle dot shape.

You can see that RELX has put a lot of thought into the Phantom’s LED lights – each of the four bars can be lit up separately, and one bar represents 25% of the battery, which means that you can visually see how much power is left in your 5th Gen RELX pod vape.

The only drawback is that to check how much power is left in the stick, you need to pull out the cigarette and then plug it back in to see the exact power level. I think this can be completely avoided by other designs, this need to pull out the operation of the plug, a little lower the quality of the product.

During normal use, the 4 LED lights will tide flashing white; when the power has almost run out, the LED lights will flash red and stop to produce vapor when you vape (which means there’s going to be no clouds when you vape).


The RELX 5th Gen Pod Vape and the Infinity both have a 380 mAh battery capacity when it comes to the battery. Usually, a fully charged Phantom can last 2 to 3 days without recharging. It obviously lasts longer than the Classic. 

Another great feature of the Infinity is retained on the Phantom. If you vape more than 15 puffs within 15 mins, the device would vibrate once to inform you that you are inhaling too much nicotine.

In order to prevent the effects of leakage caused by air pressure change, RELX has added a pressure relief chamber in the Phantom device. This is a special new update of RELX. If you are a frequent flyer, business traveler, and you’re often troubled by liquid leaks, this new feature of the Phantom would be great for you.

RELX did a good job on the Phantom when it comes to user experience. And some little details like vibration alerts make me feel that they really care.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the layout of RELX 5th Gen RELX Phantom is smooth and high-end, feels great to touch, and the weight is just at the perfect threshold – not too light to appear cheap, and not too heavy to affect the convenience of carrying; the stick-shaped design with tidal wave LED indicators, battery power monitoring, nicotine intake monitoring vibration feedback and other features that RELX Classic doesn’t have, making the Phantom more professional, more intimate, more advanced; the only drawback, the loose draw, which is too loose for most RELXers, is going to make the Phantom lose a lot of potential users.


  • Dimension: 112 × 23 × 10 mml
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 1.9 mL
  • Battery: 380 mAh
  • Charging Port: Type-C USB
  • Charging Time: 45 mins
  • Up to 400 puffs when fully charged
  • FEELM Ceramic Coil
  • Draw Activated

RELX 5th Gen Pod Vape Starter Kit Including:

RELX Phantom Device × 1
Type-C USB Cable × 1
User Manual × 1