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Ambtiion Mods Amazier MTL RTA 4ml

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Check out the new Ambtiion Mods Amazier MTL RTA.this tank is made of high quality stainless steel in three classic colors - black, gunmetal and silver. The cylindrical body was designed in a minimalistic style without frills. A recessed area with filling perforations was hidden under the faceted roll-up top cap. The narrow 510 drip tip was equipped with a removable metal radiator. The low base was supplemented with small round holes responsible for air intake. In addition to the basic glass flask, it was possible to install an alternative option made of impact-resistant ultem plastic.

On the sides of a small base, two familiar racks rise, ensuring the fixation of one spiral. The winding legs must be placed horizontally on the platforms and pressed from above with hexagonal screws. Airflow enters the red-hot spiral from below, through a hole in the center of the soundboard. For the greatest variability of blowing, a set of three interchangeable inserts with different-sized holes is provided. The tank holds 4 or 2 ml, depending on the version of the device. The intensity of liqud supply to the evaporation chamber can be adjusted by rotating the dome relative to the base.

Main characteristics:

Height - 56/48 mm
Diameter - 22 mm
Volume - 4/2 ml
Base for one spiral
Variable airflow